Asim Riaz Nowadays, Past and upcoming Planes:

Asim Riaz is an Indian model and actor, who gained immense popularity after his appearance on the reality show Bigg Boss 13. Since then, he has been actively pursuing his career in the entertainment industry.

As of my knowledge cutoff in 2021, Asim Riaz was working on various modeling projects and had also made his acting debut in the film “Main Tera Hero” in 2014. He was also associated with several brands as their brand ambassador, including Blackberrys and Aeropostale. Asim is also active on social media platforms like Instagram, where he has a large following.

As for his future plans, it is not clear what Asim Riaz’s next career move will be. However, given his popularity and talent, he is likely to continue working in the entertainment industry and may take up more acting projects or modeling assignments.

Regarding his personal life, Asim Riaz was in a relationship with his fellow Bigg Boss contestant, Himanshi Khurana. However, They are still together and Dating consistently and it is still not confirmed from both side whether they are going to get married or not, But according to Himanshi Khurana she has left her boyfriend and finance for aasim so she will be with Asim rRaz forever but Asim hasn’t any statements like this.Asim riaz was celebrating his birthday in Istanbul with Himansghi Khurana.

Asim Riaz Current Projects:

Asim Riaz is a professional actor, bodybuilder, and model, so he has many projects are on going,He is very famous nowadays for his nude pic, which he might be made for some other projects or magazines but the pic leaked and got a lot of fame, people also describing that Asim Riaz does copy to Ranveer Singh as he did like that in past.

Asim Riaz,s Net Worth:

As we mentioned above that Asim is a very busy actor and model he mostly Works in Europe sides so it does not confirm his net worth, but, some resources declared that Asim has a Million dollars worth for one season/year.

Asim Riaz’s parents: Riaz Ahmad Choudhary is his father’s name and his mother’s name is Shabnam Naz.

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