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As of my last update in July 2023, Ketika Sharma is an Indian actress. model, and social media influencer known for her work in the Telugu film industry. Please note that the information provided here might not be up to date and I recommend verifying the details from more recent sources. Bollywood


Ketika Sharma was born on December 24, 1995, in New Delhi, India. She gained fame through her social media presence particularly on platforms like Instagram and YouTube. where she became popular for her fashion and beauty-related content.

Movies List:

As of July 2023, Ketika Sharma had made her acting debut in the Telugu film industry. with the movie “Romantic” in 2021. However, she might have appeared in more films or projects since then.


I do not have any information regarding Ketika Sharma’s personal relationships or affairs as it falls outside my data coverage, and I prioritize respecting individuals’ privacy.

WeGreen Entertainment

As of my last update. there was no widely known or established entity named “WeGreen Entertainment” associated with Ketika Sharma. However, it’s possible that new companies or ventures have emerged since then.


Ketika Sharma’s height is approximately 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm).Bollywood


As of my last update in July 2023, there is no widely known or prominent public figure named “Krtika Sharma.” It is possible that the name is misspelled or refers to a relatively unknown individual.

If you are referring to “Ketika Sharma,” the Indian actress, model, and social media influencer, her birthday is December 24, 1995. However, if you are looking for information about someone else with a similar name, please provide additional context or details, and I’ll do my best to assist you further. Bollywood

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