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Sunny Deol, whose real name is Ajay Singh Deol, was born on October 19, 1956, in Sahnewal, Punjab, India. He comes from a prestigious Bollywood family, being the son of veteran actor Dharmendra and Prakash Kaur. He is the elder brother of actor Bobby Deol. and half-brother of actress Esha Deol and Ahana Deol.

Family Info:

Sunny Deol is part of the renowned Deol family in the Indian film industry. his father and step mother are one of the legendary actors of Indian cinema. He have married to Pooja Deol (Lynda Deol), and the couple has two sons named Karan and Rajvir.


Sunny Deol made his acting debut in 1983 with the film “Betaab,” which was a massive success and established him as a leading actor in Bollywood. He gained a reputation for his intense performances and strong dialogue delivery. He have known for his roles in action films.

Sunny Deol’s impactful dialogue “Dhai Kilo Ka Haath” from the movie “Damini” became iconic in Indian cinema.


Sunny Deol has received several awards for his contributions to the film industry. He won the National Film Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in “Damini” (1993). He has always received Filmfare Awards for movies like “Ghayal,” “Ghatak,” and “Border.” His portrayal of a Sikh soldier in “Border” was highly acclaimed.

Net Worth:

In 18, june, 2023, Sunny Deol’s net worth estimated to be around $16 million (130crores) monthly income (1 crore +) (Salary 12 crore +). His earnings primarily come from his acting career, film productions, and other business ventures.


Sunny Deol have known for maintaining a relatively private and low-key lifestyle. He is dedicated to his work and is highly respected for his professionalism. He has always been involved in philanthropic activities and social causes.Bollywood

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