Channing Tatum, Age, Bio, Family, Awards, Net Worth

Channing Tatum is an American actor, producer, and dancer. Here is some information about him:

  • Channing Tatum was born on April 26, 1980, so as of my knowledge cutoff in May, 2023, he would be 43 years old.
  • Bio:
  • Channing Matthew Tatum was born in Cullman, Alabama, USA. He began his career as a model and later transitioned into acting. Tatum gained recognition for his role in the 2006 dance film “Step Up” and went on to star in various successful films, including “Magic Mike,” “21 Jump Street,” and “Foxcatcher.” He has established himself as a versatile actor known for his charisma and athleticism.
  • Family:
  • Channing Tatum have previously married to actress Jenna Dewan. They met on the set of “Step Up” and have married in July 2009. The couple has a daughter named Everly, born in May 2013. Unfortunately, they announced their separation in April 2018 and their divorce have finalized in November 2019.
  • Awards:
  • Channing Tatum has received several awards and nominations throughout his career. He won the MTV Movie Award for Best Comedic Performance for his role in “21 Jump Street” (2013) and was nominated for a Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actor: Drama for his performance in “Foxcatcher” (2014).
  • Net Worth:
  • As of my knowledge cutoff in May, 2023, Channing Tatum’s net worth was estimated to be around $80 million. However, please note that his net worth may have changed since then due to various factors such as new projects, investments, and endorsements. It’s always a good idea to refer to the latest reports or reputable sources for the most up-to-date information on a celebrity’s net worth.Hollywood

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