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Ashleigh Katherine Gardner is an Australian Cricketer who currently Plays for the National Women’s Team as an allrounder.Sports

Profile Info:

  • Full Name: Ashleigh Gardner
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Sport: Cricket


Ashleigh Gardner was born on March 15, 1997, in New South Wales, Australia. She is a talented all-rounder, known for her contributions with both the bat and ball. Gardner has been a prominent figure in Australian women’s cricket and has represented her country in various formats of the game.Sports

Family Info:

Parents: Father- Jim Gardner Mother- Katherine (Good win)

Siblings: Brother-Aaron Gardner.

Career Info:

Gardner made her debut for the Australian women’s cricket team at a young age. She quickly established herself as a valuable all-rounder, capable of making significant contributions with both batting and bowling. Her aggressive batting style and ability to pick up wickets make her a versatile asset to the team.

She has represented Australia in various international tournaments, including the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup and the Women’s T20 World Cup. Her performances in domestic and international cricket have earned her recognition as a key player in women’s cricket.


  • Ashleigh Gardner is known for her explosive batting style, capable of scoring quick runs.
  • She is also a handy off-spin bowler, providing a valuable option for her team in terms of bowling variations.
  • Gardner has been praised for her athleticism and fielding skills, making her a strong presence on the field.
  • She has been involved in several memorable performances for the Australian team, contributing to their success in various tournaments.


Batting Statistics (as of September 2021):


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